5th Grade
Science Standards Pacing Chart 2nd Nine Weeks

Earth and Space Sciences
         I can describe how night and day are caused by the earth's rotation.
         I can explain how the Earth orbits the sun, and the moon orbits the Earth.
         I can describe the characteristics of the Earth and its orbit about the sun.
         I can explain that stars are like the sun, some being smaller and some larger, but so                  far away that they look like points of light.
         I can explain how the supply of many non-renewable resources is limited and can                  be extended through reducing, reusing, and recycling but cannot be extended                  indefinitely.
         I can comprehend and explain ways Earth's renewable resources can be                  maintained.
Scientific Inquiry
         I can explain why results of an experiment are sometimes different.
         I can identify one or two variables in a simple experiment.
Science and Technology
         I can explain how the solution to one problem may create other problems.

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