5th Grade
Social Studies Standards Pacing Chart
4th Nine Weeks

People in Societies
         I can describe the experiences of African-Americans under slavery.
         I can use maps to identify the location of:
  • the largest countries of North America
  • the 50 states of the United States
  • the Rocky and Application mountain systems
  • the Mississippi, Rio Grande, and St. Lawrence rivers
  • the Great Lakes
         I can examine reasons for conflict and cooperation among regions of North                  America including:
  • trade
  • environmental issues
  • immigration
         I can identify how prices, command, first-come-first-served, sharing equally,                  rationing, and lottery determine how goods and services are distributed.
         I can explain that all economies must begin by answering the basic questions of                  what to produce, how to produce, and for whom to produce.
         I can explain how education, specialization, capital goods, and the division of                  labor affect productive capacity.
         I can identify how regions in North America rely on others when they specialize in                  a product and then trade with others in order to increase the amounts and                  variety of goods and services available.
         I can explain the general relationship between supply, demand, and price in a                  competitive market.
         I can explain why competition among producers and sellers result in lower costs                  and prices, higher product quality, and better customer service.
         I can explain why competition among consumers and buyers result in higher                   product prices.
Social Studies Skills and Methods
         I can differentiate between primary and secondary sources.
         I can read information critically to identify the author, the author's perspective and                  the purpose.
         I can compare points of agreement and disagreement among sources.
         I can draw inferences from relevant information.
         I can take notes that paraphrase or summarize in order to organize key ideas.
         I can use line graphs and tables to communicate my research findings.

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