5th Grade
Social Studies Standards Pacing Chart
3rd Nine Weeks

People in Societies
         I can describe patterns of immigrations to North America and the areas from                  which they came.
         I can compare the reasons for immigration to North America with their actual                  experiences.
         I can determine the positive and negative consequences of changes made by                  humans in their physical environment including:
  • Great Lakes navigation
  • highway systems
  • irrigation
  • mining
  • introduction of new species
         I can explain the major responsibilities of each of the three branches of the United                  States government, including:
  • the legislative branch which is headed by Congress and passes laws
  • the executive branch which is headed by the president and carries out and enforces the laws made by Congress
  • the judicial branch which is headed by the United States Supreme Court and interprets and applies the law
         I can explain the characteristics of American democracy including:
  • the people are the source of the government's authority
  • all citizens have the right and responsibility to vote and influence the decisions of the government
  • the government is run directly by the people or through elected representatives
  • the powers of government are limited by law
  • basic rights of individuals are guaranteed by the United States Constitution
         I can explain the importance of the Declaration of Independence and the United                  States Constitution.
Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
         I can explain how an individual acquires United States citizenship either by birth or                   by naturalization.
         I can explain the obligations of upholding the United States Constitution which are:                   obeying laws, paying taxes, serving on juries, and registering for selective                   service.
         I can explain the significance of the rights that are protected by the First                  Amendment freedoms of religion, speech, and the press, as well as the right                  of petition and assembly.
Social Studies Skills and Methods
          I can use a problem-solving or decision-making process to:
  • identify a problem
  • gather information
  • list and consider options
  • consider advantages and disadvantages of options
  • choose and implement a solution
  • develop criteria for judging its effectiveness
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the solution

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