5th Grade
Reading Standards Pacing Chart
2nd Nine Weeks

Acquisition of Vocabulary
      I can use word origins to determine the meaning of unknown words and phrases.
      I can identify the meanings of abbreviations.
      I can determine the meanings and pronunciations of unknown words by using               dictionaries, thesauruses, glossaries, technology, and textual features, such as               definitional footnotes or sidebars.
Concepts of Print, Comprehension Strategies, and Self Motivating Strategies
      I can answer literal, inferential and evaluative questions to demonstrate                comprehension of grade-appropriate print texts and electronic and                visual media.
      I can monitor own comprehension by adjusting speed to fit the purpose, or by               skimming, scanning, reading on or looking back, or summarizing what has been               read so far in text.
      I can list questions and search for answers within the text to construct               meaning.
Informational, Technical, and Persuasive Text
      I can use text features, such as chapter titles, headings and subheadings, parts of               books, including the index and table of contents and online tools (search               engines) to locate information.
      I can analyze information found in maps, charts, tables, graphs and                diagrams.
      I can identify, distinguish between, and explain examples of cause and effect                in informational text.
      I can analyze the difference between fact and opinion.
Literary Text
      I can identify the main incidents of a plot sequence and explain how they influence               future action.
      I can identify the speaker and explain how point of view affects the text.

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