5th Grade

Math Standards Pacing Chart 3rd Nine Weeks

Number, Number Sense and Operations
                  I can use forms of one to make equivalent fractions. For example: x2/2 = 2/4                           and 4/12 divided by 4/4 = 1/3
                  I can make and identify equivalent fractions and decimals. For                            example: __= 0.5
                  I can round fractions to the nearest half.
                  I can recognize perfect squares and square roots.
                  I can compare numbers less than 0 by extending the number line to                            compare temperatures less than 0 degrees.
                  I know that I need common denominators to add and subtract                            fractions.
                  I can use fraction blocks to show how to add and subtract fractions with                           like and unlike denominators.
                  I can estimate the answer to a fraction problem using a variety of strategies.


                  I can change units within the standard measurement system while                            doing computations. For example: I can subtract 3 feet 10 inches                            from 5 feet 2 inches.

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