5th Grade

Math Standards Pacing Chart 1st Nine Weeks

Number, Number Sense and Operations
                  I can recognize and write an equivalent decimal to the tousandths place.
                  I can round decimal numbers to a given place value.
                  I can use the commutative, associative, distributive, identity, and                            inverse properties to solve problems.
                  I can analyze and solve problems using more than one operation.
                  I can add and subtract decimals by aligning the numbers by place                            value.
                 I can estimate the results of problems involving whole numbers and                            decimals using a variety of strategies.
                  I can use formulas to find area and perimeter of rectangles, and volume of                           rectangular prisms.
Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
                  I can use physical materials, visual representation, words, tables, or graphs                           to find a rule for a pattern.
                  I can construct models, graphs, and tables by using physical materials and                           visual representations.

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