4th Grade
Science Standards Pacing Chart 3rd Nine Weeks

Earth and Space Science - Weather
         I can explain that air surrounds me.
         I can explain that air takes up space.
         I can explain that moving air is wind.
         I can explain that air pressure can be measured with a barometer.
         I can identify forms of water in the air like rain, snow, fog, and hail.
         I can investigate how water changes from a solid to a liquid to a gas.
         I can describe the weather in measurable amounts such as temperature, wind                  direction, precipitation, and barometric pressure.
         I can record local weather information and describe changes over time.
         I can trace how the weather moves from west to east across the country.
         I can describe the type of weather that goes with cumulus, cumulonimbus, cirrus,                  and stratus clouds.
Earth and Space Science - Reshaping the Earth
         I can describe how wind, water, and ice reshape the Earth's surface.
         I can describe how the land is reshaped by freezing, thawing, and plant growth.
         I can describe slow changes to the Earth's surface like erosion, weathering,                  mountain building, and depositing materials.
         I can describe rapid changes to the Earth's surface like volcanoes, earthquakes,                  and landslides.
Scientific Inquiry
         I can analyze, describe, and infer from a series of events, cycles, or patterns.

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