4th Grade
Science Standards Pacing Chart 2nd Nine Weeks

Physical Science - Matter
         I can describe objects by the properties of the material they are made of.
         I can classify objects by the properties of the materials they are made of.
         I can explain the physical properties of the three states of matter.
         I can compare the ways temperature can change an object by rubbing, heating, and                  bending.
Physical Science - Physical and Chemical Change
         I can identify characteristics of a simple physical change including how to reverse                  it. I can change water’s state by heating and cooling.
         I can identify characteristics of a simple chemical change including the changing of                  the chemical properties of the original materials and the ending materials. For                  example, I can tell about changes with vinegar and baking soda and burning                  paper.
Scientific Inquiry - Experiments
         I can analyze, describe, and infer from a series of events, cycles, or patterns.
         I can develop and use a scientific experiment to answer a question.
         I can explain the need to keep the conditions the same in an experiment.
         I can describe how comparison may not be fair when conditions are different.
         I can design experiments so others can understand them and repeat them.
Scientific Ways of Knowing - Experiments
         I can explain that scientific facts can be proven and checked to draw a conclusion                   in a scientific observation.
         I can explain that opinions cannot be used to draw conclusions in a scientific                  observation.
         I can record results of an experiment.
         I can draw conclusions from the results of an observation.
         I can explain why different conclusions may be reached based on the findings in                  an observation.
         I can explain why records are important to keep in an investigation.

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