4th Grade
Social Studies Standards Pacing Chart
3rd Nine Weeks

         I can construct time lines with evenly spaced intervals for years, decades and                  centuries to show the order of significant events in Ohio history.
         I can explain how canals and railroads changed settlement patterns in Ohio and                  Ohio’s economic and political status in the United States.
         I can explain the importance of inventors such as the Wright Brothers, Charles                  Kettering, Garrett Morgan, Granville Woods and Thomas Edison.
         I can explain how Ohio progressed from territory to statehood, including the terms                   of the Northwest Ordinance.
People in Societies
         I can describe the cultural practices and products of various groups who have                  settled in Ohio over time:
  • Amish and Appalachian populations
  • African-Americans
  • Recent immigrants from Africa, Asia, and Latin America
         I can explain the reasons people came to Ohio including:
  • Opportunities in agriculture, mining and manufacturing
  • Family ties
  • Freedom from political and religious oppression
         I can identify manufacturing, agriculture, mining and forestry regions in Ohio.
         I can explain how resources, transportation and location influenced the                  development of cities and industries in Ohio including major industries such                  as oil, steel, rubber and glass.
         I can identify the productive resources needed to produce a good or service and                  suggest opportunity costs for the resources involved.
         I can explain how the availability of productive resources in Ohio promotes                  specialization in the production of goods and services and leads to trade.
         I can explain how entrepreneurs organize productive resources to produce goods                  and services and that they seek to make profits by taking risks.
         I can explain ways in which individuals and households obtain and use income.
         I can explain why people in Ohio specialize in what they produce and then trade                   with others, which then increases the amount of goods and services                   available.
         I can explain why many jobs in Ohio depend on markets in other countries and                   why Ohio is a market for goods and services from other countries.
         I can explain major responsibilities of each of the three branches of government in                  Ohio:
  • The legislative branch, headed by the General Assembly, makes the laws.
  • The executive branch, headed by the governor, carries out and enforces laws made by the General Assembly.
  • The judicial branch, headed by the Ohio Supreme Court, interprets and applies the law.
         I can explain why elections are used to select leaders and decide issues.
         I can explain the purpose of a democratic constitution:
  • To provide a framework for a government
  • To limit the power of government
  • To define the authority of elected officials
          I can explain that the Ohio Constitution tells how the state government should be                   organized and guarantees the rights of the individuals.
Social Studies Skills and Methods
          I can identify main ideas and supporting details from factual information.
          I can use primary and secondary sources to answer questions about Ohio history.

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