4th Grade
Social Studies Standards Pacing Chart
2nd Nine Weeks

People in Societies
      I can describe the cultural practices of various groups who have settled in Ohio over time:
  • Paleo Indians, Archaic Indians, Woodland Indians (Adena and Hopewell), and Late Prehistoric Indians (Fort Ancient)
  • Historic Indians of Ohio (Ottawa, Wyandot, Mingo, Miami, Shawnee, and Delaware
  • European Immigrants
         I can describe the impact of the expansion of European settlements on American                   Indians in Ohio.
      I can explain the reasons people came to Ohio including:
  • Opportunities in agriculture, mining, and manufacturing
  • Family ties
  • Freedom from political and religious oppression
         I can construct timelines with evenly spaced intervals for years,decades and                  centuries to show order of significant events in Ohio history.
         I can describe the earliest settlements in Oho including those of prehistoric                   peoples.
         I can explain the causes and effects of the frontier wars of the 1790s, including the                   Battle of Fallen Timbers, on American Indians in Ohio and the United States.
         I can explain how Ohio progressed from territory to statehood, including the terms                   of the Northwest Ordinance.
         I can describe how archaeologists and historians study and interpret the past.
         I can identify how environmental processes(i.e.,glaciation and weathering ) and                  characteristics( land forms, bodies of water, climate, vegetation influence                  human settlement and activity in Ohio.
         I can use elevation,natural resource and road maps to answer questions about                  patterns of settlement, economic activity and movement.
Social Studies Skills and Methods
          I can identify main ideas and supporting details from factual information.
          I can use primary and secondary sources to answer questions about Ohio history.

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