4th Grade
Social Studies Standards Pacing Chart
1st Nine Weeks

         I can use linear scale to measure the distances between places on a map.
         I can use cardinal and intermediate directions to describe the relative location of                  places.
         I can describe the location of Ohio relative to other states and countries.
         I can use maps to identify the location of major physical and human features of                  Ohio including: Lake Erie, rivers, plains, the Appalachian Plateau, bordering                  states, the capital city, other major cities.
         I can describe and compare the landforms, climates, population, vegetation, and                  economic characteristics of places and regions in Ohio.
         I can identify how environmental processes (ie: glaciation and weathering) and                  characteristics (landforms, bodies of water, climate, vegetation) influence                  human settlement and activity in Ohio.
         I can use elevation, natural resource, and road maps to answer questions about                  patterns of settlement, economic activity, and movement.
Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
         I can describe the ways in which citizens can promote the common good and                   influence their government including:
  • voting
  • communicating with officials
  • participating in civic and service organizations
  • performing voluntary service
          I can explain why personal responsibilities (eg: taking advantage of the                   opportunity to be educated) and civic responsibilities (eg: obeying the law                   and respecting the rights of others) are important.
          I can explain the importance of leadership and public service.
          I can explain why characteristics such as respect for the rights of others, fairness,                   reliability, honesty, wisdom and courage are desirable qualities in the people                   citizens select as their leaders.
Social Studies Skills and Methods
          I can use a glossary and index to locate information.
          I can identify main ideas and supporting details from factual information.
          I can distinguish between fact and opinion.
          I can read and interpret pictographs, bar graphs, line graphs, and tables.
          I can use a problem-solving/decision making process which includes:
  • identifying a problem
  • gathering information
  • listing and considering options
  • considering advantages and disadvantages of options
  • choosing and implementing a solution
  • developing criteria for judging its effectiveness

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