4th Grade
Reading/Writing Standards Pacing Chart
4th Nine Weeks

Concepts of Print, Comprehension Strategies, and Self Motivating Strategies
      I can select, create, and use graphic organizers.
      I can comprehend by inferring from a variety of sources.
      I can list questions and search for answers within the text to construct meaning.
Informational, Technical, and Persuasive Text
      I can locate important details about a topic using different sources of information               including books, magazines, newspapers, and online resources.
      I can make sure instructions are clear and complete.
Literary Text
      I can determine the theme and whether it is implied or stated directly.
      I can identify and explain the characteristics of different types of genre                including poetry, drama, fables, fantasies, chapter books, fiction, and                non-fiction.
Writing Process
      I can use technology to write.
      I can prepare my work for publication with correct form using a computer.
Writing Applications
      I can write informational reports that include facts and examples, and present important details in a logical order.
Writing Conventions
      I can understand and apply punctuation, grammar, and spelling rules.
      I can write neatly in cursive.
      I can use conjunctions and interjections.
      I can use prepositions and prepositional phrases.
      I can decide on a topic for research and plan how to gather the information.
      I can find sources and collect information from a variety of sources (library,               computer).
      I can identify the important information in my sources and summarize it.
      I can sort and organize information in charts, tables, or graphic organizers.
      I can understand the meaning of plagiarism and I can create a list of sources.
      I can present the information I gathered in a variety of ways including oral, visual,               written, or in a multimedia report.
Communications: Oral and Visual
      I can demonstrate an understanding of the rules of English.
      I can choose appropriate language for the purpose and audience.
      I can use clear diction and tone, and adjust my volume and speed for my topic.
      I can adjust speaking content according to the audience.
      I can give an informational presentation which includes sequence of ideas,               understanding of the topic, details, examples, quotations, and can draw from               several sources.

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