4th Grade

Math Standards Pacing Chart 4th Nine Weeks

Number, Number Sense and Operations
                  I can do mental math problems and explain how I solved it.
                  I can solve problems using mental math, paper and pencil, and calculators.
                  I can multiply whole numbers by 2-digit numbers and multiples of 10.
                  I can divide whole numbers by 2-digit numbers and multiples of 10.
Mathematical Processes

                  I can use and explain different ways to solve a problem.

                  I can use organization to solve multi-step problems.
                  I can interpret the results in problem solving situations (this means I                           understand my answer when problem solving).
                  I can use math strategies to solve problems in other subjects and in the real                           world.
                  I can explain math concepts with words, pictures, manipulatives and                            numbers (this means I can explain my thoughts using words, pictures,                            manipulatives, and numbers).
                  I can see how different topics in math go along with each other.
                  I can determine if a solution is reasonable (this means I can tell if my answer                            makes sense).
                  I can support whether an answer is correct or incorrect (this means I                            can prove and show if an answer is right or wrong).
                  I can solve problems in different ways and tell which way is more                            helpful.
                  I can read, interpret, discuss, and write about math ideas and concepts using                           both everyday and math language (this means I can read, understand,                           talk about and write about math ideas).
                  I can use math words to explain and prove math ideas, strategies and                           solutions (this means I can use math words to explain how I solved a                           problem).

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