Third Grade
Science Standards Pacing Chart
3rd Nine Weeks

Earth and Space Science
     I can compare distinct properties of rocks such as color, layering and texture.
     I can observe and investigate that rocks are found in layers.
     I can describe that smaller rocks come from the breakdown of larger rocks through         the actions of plants and weather.
     I can observe and describe the composition of soil.
     I can investigate the properties of soil such as color, texture, capacity to retain water,         and the ability to support plant growth.
     I can investigate that soils are often found in layers and can be different from place to         place.
Life Sciences
     I can use examples to explain that extinct organisms may resemble organisms that are         alive today.
     I can observe and explore how fossils provide evidence about animals that lived long          ago and the nature of the environment at that time.
Science and Technology
     I can describe how technology can extend human abilities such as move things and         extend senses.
Scientific Ways of Knowing
     I can explore through stories how men and women have contributed to the         development of science.
     I can identify various careers in science.
     I can recognize how both men and women find science rewarding as a career in their         everyday lives.

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