Third Grade
Social Studies Standards Pacing Chart
3rd 9 Weeks

    I can identify systems of transportation used to move people and products and           systems of communication used to move ideas from place to place.
    I can define opportunity costs and give and example of opportunity costs of a           personal decision.
    I can identify people who purchase goods and services as consumers and people who           make goods or provide services as producers.
     I can categorize economic activities as example of production or consumption.
     I can explain the advantages or disadvantages of specialization and the division of            labor to produce items.
     I can identify different forms of money used over time and recognize that money            facilitates the purchase of goods, services and resources and enables savings.
     I can explain how the local community is an example of a market where buyers and           sellers exchange goods and services.
     I can identify examples of economic competition in the local community.
     I can identify local goods and services provided by local government, why people            need them, and the source of funding (taxes).
Social Studies Skills and Methods
     I can read and interpret pictographs, bar graphs, and charts.

     I can communicate information using pictographs and bar graphs.

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