Third Grade
Social Studies Standards Pacing Chart
2nd 9 Weeks

    I can define and measure time by years, decades, and centuries.
    I can place local historical events in sequential order on a time line.
     I can describe changes in a community over time including changes in:
            *physical features
    I can use political maps, physical maps, and arial photographs to ask and answer           questions about the local community.
    I can use a compass rose and cardinal directions to describe the relative location of           places.
     I can read and interpret maps by using the map title, map key, direction indicator, and           symbols to answer questions about the local community.
     I can use a number/letter grid system to locate physical and human features on a map.
     I can identify the location of the equator, Arctic Circle, Antarctic Circle, North Pole,           South Pole, Prime Meridian, the tropics and the hemispheres on maps and globes.
Social Studies Skills and Methods

     I can locate information using various parts of a source including:
                * A table of contents
                * The title page
                * Illustrations
                * Key word searches

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