Third Grade
Social Studies Standards Pacing Chart
1st 9 Weeks

    I can identify and describe the land forms and climate, vegetation, populations and           economic characteristics of the local community.
    I can identify ways that physical characteristics of the environment ( i.e. land forms,           bodies of water, climate and vegetation) affect and have been modified by the           local community.
    I can explain the major functions of local government including:
                       *promoting order and security
                       *making laws
                       *settling disputes
                       *providing public services
                       *protecting the rights of individuals.

     I can explain the structure of local governments and identify local leaders:
                       *township trustees
                       *county commissioners
                       *city council members

     I can identify the location of local government buildings and explain the functions of            the government that are carried out there.
     I can define power and authority.

     I can explain why the use of power without legitimate authority is unjust:

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
   I can describe how people help to make the community a better place in which to live          including:
                       *working to preserve the environment
                       *helping the homeless
                       *restoring houses in low income areas
                       *supporting education
                       *planning community events
     I can demonstrate effective citizenship traits including:
                      *respect for the rights and dignity of each person
                      *persistence in achieving goals
      I can describe the responsibilities with emphasis on:
                     *obeying laws
                     *respecting the rights of others
                     *being informed about current issues
                     *paying taxes

Social Studies Skills and Methods
     I can obtain information about local issues from a variety of sources including:
                    *oral histories

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