Third Grade
Language Arts Standards Pacing Chart
4th Nine Weeks

Reading Applications: Literary Text
      I can identify and explain different forms of literature.
      I can identify themes in stories and written work.
      I can explain how an author uses pictures and words to influence the readers'          feelings.
Writing Process
     I can organize my writing with an introduction, body and closing.
     I can make meanings clear by rearranging my work.
     I can use language for writing that is different from speaking.
     I can proofread and edit my writing.
Writing Conventions
     I can write legibly in cursive.
     I can spell third grade words.
     I can use correct punctuation.
    I can choose a topic for research. 
    I can sort important information and summarize it.
    I understand the importance of citing resources.
    I can present information from various resources.
Communications: Oral and Visual
     I can ask questions to understand and explain text and I can respond to others' ideas.
     I can identify the main idea and determine the purpose of an oral presentation.
     I can distinguish between fact and opinion.
     I can show an understanding of English language rules.
     I can select appropriate language for a given audience.
     I can use clear diction, tone, and volume.
     I can organize and deliver informational presentations.
     I can present personal experiences that recall events.

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