Third Grade
Language Arts Standards Pacing Chart
3rd Nine Weeks

Acquisition of Vocabulary
    I can determine meaning of words by using resources.
    I can use root words to figure out meanings.
Concepts of Print, Comprehension Strategies and  Self-Monitoring Strategies
     I can predict content by using nonfiction features.
     I can make inferences from informational text.
     I can answer literal, inferential and evaluative questions for comprehension.
Reading Applications: Informational, Technical, and Persuasive Text
     I can draw conclusions from maps, charts, and graphs.
Reading Applications: Literary Text
      I can explain how an authors choice of words appeals to the senses.
      I can describe similarities and differences of plots.
Writing Process
     I can use technology to compose text.
     I can develop purpose and audience for my writing.
     I can rewrite and illustrate my writing to share with others.
     I can write compound, complex, and simple sentences.
     I can reread and check my writing so that it makes sense.
     I can use descriptive words and details.
Writing Applications
     I can write stories that sequence events and describe details.
     I can write informational reports with main ideas and details.
Writing Conventions
     I can use nouns and pronouns in agreement.
     I can spell high frequency words.
     I can use quotation marks around dialogue, commas in a series, and               apostrophes in contractions and possessives.
     I can use possessive nouns and pronouns.
     I can use conjuctions.
     I can use subjects and verbs in agreement.

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