Third Grade
Math Standards Pacing Chart
4th Nine Weeks

Number, Number Sense, and Operations

                I can demonstrate fluency in multiplication facts through ten.
                I can demonstrate fluency in division facts through ten.
                I can show fractions and mixed numbers using words, numbers, and                          manipulatives.
               I can use number lines, manipulatives, and models to compare and                         order fractions and mixed numbers.
               I can identify parts of a whole or set using decimals and fractions.
               I can explain the concept of tenths and hundredths using physical models.
               I can understand that factors in division may have different units.
  3 boxes of 5 cookies each
               I can explain how a remainder might impact something or someone in the real                        world.
  14 cookies shared by 4 children
               I can write equations for word problems involving division.
               I can relate multiplication and division as inverse operations.
  fact families
Patterns, Functions and Algebra
               I can model problem situations using objects, pictures, tables, numbers,                         letters and other symbols.
               I can write, solve, and explain mathematical statements such as: 7+ ___ > 8                         or____+ 8 = 10.
               I can show relationships between numbers as number models,                         equations, and inequalities.
  3+4 is not = to 4+4, or 4+4=2+6) or (7+ ___ > 8  
 or ____+ 8 = 10

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