Third Grade
Math Standards Pacing Chart
3rd Nine Weeks

Number, Number Sense, and Operations

               I can model and explain multiplication using skip counting, arrays,                         counters, and repeated addition.
               I can write equations for word problems involving multiplying.
               I can understand that factors in muliplication may have different units.          
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               I can model and explain division with repeated subtraction, arrays, and                         counters.
               I can multiply 2- and 3- digit numbers by a single digit number.
               I can divide 2- and 3- digit numbers by a single digit number without                         remainders.
               I can write multiplication in expanded form.
                               Example: 3x1000+2x100+5x1=3205)
Data Analysis and Probability
               I can collect and organize data from an experiment or a question posed                         using a frequency chart and tally table.
               I can draw and interpret picture graphs.
               I can use and understand bar graphs with intervals greater than one.
               I can support a conclusion or prediction (orally and in writing) using                        information in a table or graph.
               I can match the data with the appropriate graph.
               I can create and translate a variety of charts, tables, line plots, graphs,                         etc. using the same information.
               I can analyze and interpret information represented on a timeline.
               I can find and explain the mode of the data.
               I can conduct a simple experiment, record the results, and use them to draw                        conclusions of probable outcomes.
                  I can use models, pictures, diagrams, and lists to solve problems                         involving possible groupings or combinations of two to four                         objects.

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