Third Grade
Math Standards Pacing Chart
1st Nine Weeks

Number, Number Sense, and Operations

                I can add whole numbers without regrouping.
              I can add whole numbers with regrouping.
               I can subtract whole numbers without regrouping.
              I can subtract whole numbers with regrouping. 

              I can explain how operations are related/different (inverse, fact families).

              I can recognize that 100 means “10 tens”.
              I can recognize that 1000 means “10 hundreds”.
              I can write numbers through 6 places in expanded form.
              I can use place value to show whole numbers by using words, expanded                        and standard forms, and manipulatives.
              I can use the commutative properties.
              I can use the associative properties.
              I can estimate using rounding to the nearest ten or hundred in addition                        and subtraction.
              I can check my answers to see if they make sense (reasonable) considering                        relative size, place value and estimates.
              I can find equivalent names for numbers.
              I can use words and symbols to compare and order numbers. (Example                         > is “greater than”).
                 I can read thermometers in both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.
Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
              I can recognize number patterns and describe them in words (odd, even:                        skip counting: growing patterns).
              I can break down and repeat similar patterns using different numbers with or                        without a calculator.  
              I can use patterns to make predictions, identify relationships, and solve                        problems.
              I can create tables to record, organize, and analyze data to discover                        patterns and rules.
              I can identify and describe changes in quantity that involve addition and                       subtraction.              

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