Second Grade
Science Standards Pacing Chart
1st Semester

Earth and Space Science
     I can observe and describe that weather can change throughout the day and some            changes occur in a repeating seasonal pattern.
     I can describe weather in terms of temperature and precipitation.
Scientific Inquiry
     I can explore how things make sound (rubber bands, tuning fork, strings)
     I can explore and describe sounds (high, low, soft, loud) produced by vibrating            objects.
     I can ask “how can I/we” questions.
     I can ask “how do you know” questions (not “why”).
     I can explore and pursue student-generated “how” questions.
     I can use appropriate safety procedures when completing scientific investigations.
     I can use evidence to develop explanations of scientific investigations. (What do you            think? know?)
     I can recognize that explanations are generated in response to observations, events            and phenomena.
     I can use appropriate tools and simple equipment/ instruments to safely gather            scientific data. (magnifiers, calculator...)
     I can measure properties of objects using tools such as rulers, balances and            thermometer.
     I can use whole numbers to order, count, identify, measure and describe things.
     I can share explanations with others to provide opportunities to ask questions,            examine evidence and suggest alternative explanations.

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