Second Grade
Social Studies Standards Pacing Chart
1st Semester

    I can measure calendar time by using days, weeks, months, and years.
    I can list the days of the week and the months of the year in order.
    I can create a time line by placing the events in order.
    I can answer questions about daily life in the past by using a variety of resources.
    I can compare and contrast peoples jobs of the past with jobs of today.
    I can identify and describe examples of how science and technology have changed the           daily lives of people.
    I can compare forms of communication from the past and present.
    I can compare forms of transportation from the past and present.
People in Societies
    I can describe the cultural practices and products of people on different continents.
    I can explain how different cultures influence our national heritage.
     I can read and interpret a variety of maps.
     I can make a map with a title and a key that explains the symbols.
     I can locate and name the continents and oceans.
     I can locate and describe land forms and bodies of water in photos, maps, and 3-D            models.
     I can compare how land is used in urban, suburban, and rural environments.
     I can identify ways people have responded to and changed the physical environment            such as building roads and clearing land for urban development.
     I can explain different ways resources can be used: corn can be used to feed cows,            make sweetener, or be converted to fuel.
     I can recognize that most people work in jobs in which they produce a few special            goods or services.
     I can explain why people around the world earn a living in different ways.
      I can recognize that money is used in exchange for goods and services and different             countries use different forms of money.
     I can explain the purpose of rules in the workplace.
     I can predict consequences for following or violating rules in different settings.
Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
     I can demonstrate the skills and explain the benefits of cooperating in a group.
  I can demonstrate the skills and explain the benefits of         peacefully managing conflicts, displaying courtesy, and         respecting others.
     I can demonstrate independence in school tasks: classroom, cafeteria, playground.
     I can demonstrate citizenship traits:
  • honesty
  • self-assurance
  • respecting the rights of others
  • persistence
  • patriotism

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