Second Grade
Reading/Writing Standards Pacing Chart
1st Nine Weeks

Phonemic Awareness, Word Recognition and Fluency

      I can identify rhyming words.
      I can blend phonemes (sounds) of letters and syllables to read unknown                words.
      I can sound out word families.
      I can distinguish beginning, middle, and end sounds.
      I can identify short, long vowels.
      I can demonstrate a growing stock of sight words.
Acquisition of Vocabulary
      I can read 100 high frequency words.
Concepts of Print, Comprehension Strategies and Self-Monitoring Strategies
      I can establish a purpose for reading.
      I can compare/contrast information in texts with prior knowledge and                experience.
      I can create and use graphic organizers.
Informational, Technical, and Persuasive Text
      I can use contents, glossary, index, captions and illustrations.
      I can arrange informational text in sequential order.
      I can identify information in diagrams, charts, graphs, maps.
Literary Text
      I can compare/ contrast versions of the same story.
      I can describe characters and setting.
Writing Process
      I can write ideas with discussions.
      I can use lists, webs, Venn diagrams to plan writing.
      I can use declarative, interrogative and exclamatory sentences. (. ? !)
      I can include transitional words and phrases. (and)
      I can use resources to select vocabulary. (word wall, dictionaries)
      I can apply tools (rubrics, check lists) to judge quality of writing.
      I can rewrite and illustrate writing for displays and sharing.
Writing Applications
      I can write messages, journals, notes and poems.
Writing Conventions
      I can print legibly and space letters, words, and sentences.
      I can spell words studied correctly.
      I can use correct capitalization.
      I can use pronouns. (I, you, we)

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