Second Grade
Math Standards Pacing Chart
1st Nine Weeks

Number, Number Sense, and Operations

              I can use place value concepts to represent, compare, and order whole                        numbers using physical models, numerals and words, with ones,                        tens and hundred.

    For example:  
I can recognize 10 can mean "10 ones" or a single          entity (1 ten) through physical model.

              I can recognize and classify numbers as even or odd.
              I can model, represent and explain subtraction as comparison, take-
                       away and part-to-whole to solve missing addend problems by                        counting up or subtracting.
              I can model and use the commutative property for addition.

              I can demonstrate fluency in addition facts and subtraction facts, e.g.,
                       9 + 9 = 18, 18 - 9 = 9.

              I can subtract multiples of ten.
              I can estimate the results of whole number addition and subtraction                        problems using front-end estimation, and judge the reasonableness                        of the answers.
Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
              I can extend simple numbers patterns (both repeating and growing                        patterns), and create similar patterns using different objects, such                        as using physical materials or shapes to represent number                        patterns.
              I can use patterns to make generalizations and predictions.
              I can create new patterns with consistent rules or plans, and describe the rule or                        general plan of existing patterns.
              I can use objects, pictures, numbers and other symbols to represent a                        problem.
Mathematical Processes
              I can describe a problem and solution using invented and common symbols                        and language.          
              I can recognize common math words and their meanings and relate my                        everyday language to math.                 
              I can communicate my thinking in math by using both everyday and                        math language.              

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