First Grade
Science Standards Pacing Chart
3rd & 4th 9 Weeks

Earth and Space Science
     I can explain why it is important to reuse, reduce and recycle.
Physical Sciences
     I can sort objects based on their characteristics and features.
     I can discover that water can change to ice or ice can change to water.
     I can observe that things can be done to materials to change them.
     I can explore big change to objects and small changes to objects.
     I can explore ways two objects cause something to happen even when they do not         touch (magnets).
     I can find ways to make things move, change direction, speed up or stop.
     I can explore how energy makes things work.
Science and Technology
     I can save newspapers, glass and aluminum for recycling projects. 
     I can learn how energy is used to cook and warm homes with “ wood, coal, natural         gas and electricity.
     I can save energy by turning off lights.
     I can learn to make things with or without tools.
     I can follow steps to make things.
     I can put parts together to make them do things they could not do alone
Scientific Inquiry
     I can ask “What happens when?” questions.
     I can investigate my “What happens when?” questions.
     I can use the correct tools and equipment to gather information.
     I can estimate lengths, weights and time intervals.
     I can talk, draw and write about what I have done.
     I can describe things accurately and check the observations of my classmates.
Scientific Ways of Knowing
     I can discover that when an investigation is done the same way many times, I get          similar results each time.
     I can make explanations with information I collect.
     I can explain that everyone can do science, invent and have scientific ideas.

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