First Grade
Science Standards Pacing Chart
1st & 2nd 9 Weeks

Earth and Space Science
     I can identify resources people want and need to live as coming from living or
        non-living environments.
     I can explain how organisms and living things cause changes in the environment.
Life Sciences
     I can identify the basic needs of living things.
     I can describe where grocery stores get food.
     I can describe how living things use their bodies to find and eat food.
     I can describe how animals use other animals to survive.
     I can describe how the needs of living things change with the weather.
Physical Sciences
     I can recognize that the sun is energy and it warms land, air and water.
Science and Technology
     I can recognize that different materials work better than others for building.
     I can follow directions and ask for help when building or making something.
Scientific Inquiry
     I can use the correct safety practices when I am doing science investigations.
     I can work with my classmates on an investigation and share our results.
     I can figure out conclusions by myself from my groups findings.

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