First Grade
Writing Standards Pacing Chart
All Year

Writing Conventions
    I can print legibly, and space letters, words, and sentences appropriately.
    I can spell words correctly with regular short vowel patterns, and most common long        vowel words.
    I can spell high frequency words correctly.
    I can create phonetically-spelled written work that can be read by the writer and by        others.
    I can spell unfamiliar words using strategies such as segmenting, sounding out and        matching familiar words and word parts.
    I can use end punctuation correctly, including question marks, exclamation points and        periods.
    I can use correct capitalization when using important words at the beginning of        sentences.
    I can use nouns, verbs and adjectives.
Writing Process
     I can generate writing ideas through discussions with others.
     I can develop a main idea for writing.
     I can determine purpose and audience.
     I can use organizational strategies (eg. brainstorming, lists, webs, and venn diagrams)         to plan writing.  
     I can organize writing to include a beginning, middle, and end.
     I can construct complete sentences with subjects and verbs.
     I can mimic language from literature when appropriate.
     I can use available technology to compose text.
     I can reread my own writing for clarity.
     I can add descriptive words and details.
     I can use resources to select effective vocabulary.
     I can proofread my writing to improve conventions.
     I can apply tools to judge the quality of writing.
     I can rewrite and illustrate writing samples for display and for sharing with others.
Writing Applications
     I can write simple stories with a beginning, middle and end that include descriptive         words and details.
     I can write responses to stories that include simple judgments about the texts.
     I can write friendly letters or invitations that follow a simple letter format.
     I can produce informal letters for various purposes.

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