First Grade
Social Studies Standards Pacing Chart
3rd & 4th 9 Weeks

People in Societies
    I can compare and contrast ways different cultures meet human needs.
    I can identify the way different cultures live through folktales, music and art.
    I can describe the traditions of my family and community.
    I can describe the way people live in other countries.
     I can use symbols to make maps and models of familiar places: classroom, school or            neighborhood.
     I can identify and use symbols to find important places on maps and globes.
     I can locate Canton, Ohio, and the United States on a map or globe.
     I can identify and describe the physical features (lake, river, hill, mountain, forest) and            human features (town, city, farm, park, traffic signs/signals) of places in our            community.
     I can tell how areas in our community are alike.
     I can explain that people need to make choices because wants are unlimited and            resources are scarce.
     I can describe the ways people produce, consume and exchange goods and services            in their community.
     I can explain ways that people may get goods and services that they do not produce            by using money or bartering.
Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
     I can demonstrate these important things: playing fair, respecting others and treating            others the way I want to be treated.   
     I can be accountable for my actions.
     I can take pride in my accomplishments.

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