First Grade
Social Studies Standards Pacing Chart
1st & 2nd 9 Weeks

    I can recite the months of the year.
    I can put my life events in order.
    I can tell the difference between past, present and future.
    I can ask questions about how families lived in the past and use pictures, letters,           objects and books to help me understand.
    I can compare the needs and roles of people around the world both past and present.
    I can recognize people celebrated by holidays in my country.
     I can identify and use terms to tell location, direction and distance: left/right, near/far.
     I can use symbols to make maps and models of familiar places: classroom, school or            neighborhood.
     I can tell how people adapt to different things in their environment: food, clothing,            shelter, transportation, recreation.
     I can recognize that authority figures provide safety and security.
     I can explain that we vote to make group decisions.
     I can recognize these symbols of the United States: bald eagle, White House, Statue            of Liberty, and the national anthem.
     I can tell why we need rules and why they need to be fair.
     I can tell the consequences of breaking rules.
Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
     I can demonstrate these important things: playing fair, respecting others and treating           others the way I want to be treated.
     I can demonstrate self-direction at school.
     I can be accountable for my actions.
     I can take pride in my accomplishments.
     I can demonstrate these citizenship traits: trustworthiness, fairness, self-control, and            respect of authority figures.
Social Studies Skills and Methods
     I can put events in order.
     I can communicate by talking or with pictures.
     I can display courtesy and respect others by staying on topic and focusing on the            speaker.

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