First Grade
Reading Standards Pacing Chart
3rd Nine Weeks

Phonemic Awareness, Word Recognition, and Fluency

     I can demonstrate a growing stock of sight words.
Acquisition of Vocabulary
     I can use knowledge of word order and in-sentence context clues to support        word identification and to define unknown words while reading.
      I can identify words that have similar meanings(synonyms).
     I can recognize common sight words.
     I can predict the meanings of compound words using knowledge of individual        words.
     I can recognize contractions and common abbreviations.
     I can read root words and their inflectional endings.
Concepts of Print, Comprehension Strategies, and Self-Monitoring Strategies
     I can visualize the information in text and demonstrate it by drawings, discussing         images in texts or writing simple descriptions.
      I can check my comprehension of reading material by asking and answering         questions.
      I can independently read books for various purposes.
Informational, Technical, and Persuasive Text
      I can use title page, photographs, captions and illustrations to develop         comprehension of informational texts.
      I can identify the sequence of events in informational text.
      I can identify and discuss simple diagrams, charts and maps as         characteristics of nonfiction.
Literary Text
      I can identify characters, setting and events in a story.
      I can retell the beginning, middle and ending of a story, including its          important events.

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