First Grade
Reading Standards Pacing Chart
2nd Nine Weeks

Phonemic Awareness, Word Recognition, and Fluency Standard

     I can decode by using letter-sound matches.
     I can use knowledge of common word families to sound out unfamiliar words.
     I can blend two to four phonemes into words
     I can add, delete or change sounds in a given word to create new or rhyming        words.
     I can demonstrate a growing stock of sight words.
Acquisition of Vocabulary
     I can identify words that have opposite meanings (antonyms).
      I can recognize common sight words.
Concepts of Print, Comprehension Strategies, and Self-Monitoring Strategies
     I can recall the important ideas in fictional and non-fictional texts.
      I can check my comprehension of reading material by asking and answering        questions.
     I can use criteria to choose independent reading materials.

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