First Grade
Math Standards Pacing Chart
2nd Nine Weeks

Number, Number Sense, and Operations

               I can read and write numerals from numbers 1-50.
               I can count to 50, backwards from 50.
               I can use symbols to show adding and subtracting.
               I can put events in order; e.g., summer, fall, winter, spring; morning,                        afternoon, night.
               I can recognize and tell how tools are needed to measure length and weight;                        e.g., rulers and balance scales.
Geometry and Spatial Sense
               I can identify, compare and sort two-dimensional shapes - square,                         circle, ellipse,  triangle, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid,                         parallelogram, pentagon and hexagon:  
  • I can recognize and identify triangles and rhombuses in different positions, in different shapes or in different sizes
  • I can describe two-dimensional shapes using words such as number of sides and number of vertices (angles)
               I can create new shapes by putting together or cutting apart shapes I already                         have.
               I can identify the shapes of the faces of three-dimensional objects.
               I can use location words to describe distance such as near, far, close to and                        describe directions such as left, right.
               I can copy figures and draw two-dimensional shapes from memory.
Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
               I can group, classify, and order objects by two or more attributes such                         as color and shape, and explain how objects were grouped.
               I can add to patterns of sounds, shapes or numbers and also make and                         write similar patterns of my own:
  • I can take apart and describe patterns with several attributes using numbers    and shapes ; e.g., AA, B, aa, b, AA, B aa, b, ...
  • I can continue repeating and growing patterns with materials, pictures,    shapes; e.g., X0, X00, X000, X0000
                I can tell how to repeat or make a pattern grow.
Mathematical Processes
                I can draw pictures or use manipulatives to show my problem and                          answer.

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