Kim Akin's Benefit Dinner

Kim is a Special Education Aide here at Lexington Elementary School and has worked in the Marlington School District for 5 years. She is a single mother of two boys; Clay who attends Marlboro Elementary and Cody who is a student at Marlington High School. Kim enjoys being a part of her boys' active lives, running them to baseball practice and quitar lessons. Kim is a pet lover with 2 dogs and 1 cat. She enjoys cooking, baking and reading. Kim's life changed dramatically in December. After being incorrectly diagnosed three times, a fourth doctor ordered a blood test which reveled the true culprit - acute leukemia. She tranfered from Alliance Community Hospital to Aultman Hospital and then to the Cleveland Clinic where she is now a patient. She has undergone chemotherapy treatments and is awaiting results of a bone marrow test. During Kim's hospitalization, her five sisters have lovingly assumed responsibility for her family and personal care. We, her co-workers, wanted to help ease the huge financial burden this devastating illness has placed on her family. We invited the public to join us for a rigatoni dinner, raffle and auction on Sunday, February 12th, 2006.

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