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General Resources

Links for K-12 Teachers - A good starting point for your web searching. Several large collections of links to help with specific subject areas, or areas of interest to K-12 teachers. Lots of interactive activities.

Grade Level Skills Help Pages - This is a part of the Internet4classrooms site as is the site mentioned above. This page allows you to search the site by grade level and subject matter.

Ohio Treasure Chest of Technology Resources - Technology treasures for you to use.  Here you will find an archive of great web sites organized to match the objectives in the Ohio Academic Content Standards. Sorted by subject and grade level (K-12). - Content Matrix - This is a good place to begin searching for activities by subject or grade level. Many high quality interactive websites can be accessed from here.

eThemes - This is an extensive database of content-rich, age-appropriate resources organized around specific themes. These resources are created for educators to use in their classrooms. In the column on the right, you can choose to view the topics alphabetically, by grade level, or search for a particular topic.

FunBrain - Contains interactive games that allow kids to apply and practice skills. You can find a game by grade or subject.

Puzzlemaker - Allows you to create 11 different types of puzzles from Discovery School.

Bingo Card Generator - Allows you to enter your own words for the bingo cards. It will mix the words and create 20 different cards in a PDF document. You can print this on card stock paper for longer life. Predesigned Bingo cards for Halloween, Thanksgiving, animals, the state names, and the alphabet are also available.

Brain Pop -- BrainPOP is the leading producer of educational animated movies for K-12. The company creates original animated movies to explain concepts in a voice and visual style that is accessible, educational and entertaining for both children and adults. You need a subscription to use most of the materials.

PBS - American Field Guide - This site has many free streaming videos on numerous themes.

ABC Teach - Includes over 5000 free printable activities including flashcards, worksheets,

How Stuff Works -- Ever get curious about how different things work? then visit How Stuff Works and find out how everything from how your body works to how your computer works!

RubiStar - RubiStar is a free tool to help a teacher make quality rubrics. It is designed to help the teacher who wants to use rubrics but does not have the time to develop them from scratch.

QuizStar - QuizStar is a FREE web-based program! Instructors can: access QuizStar from work or at home, create quizzes for students to take and review online, utilize the robust Report Management tools, and more.

Curriculum Links - Mentor Public Schools - leads to many useful sites by subject and standard.

Sites for Teachers - This site lists 588 sites which contain teacher resources. There is a brief description

Reading Resources

Starfall - The Starfall learn-to-read website is offered free as a public service. Primarily designed for first grade, is also useful for pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten and second grade. It includes stories to read, interactive games and activities, printable worksheets, and more.

Math Resources

Virtual Math Manipulatives - This is part of Utah State University's website. It is the "National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics" and contains links to many interactive activities. There is a chart for you to select by standard and grade level.

Teach R Kids Math - This site is appropriate for reinforcing basic math skills (K-4). This is considered a content rich website based on its skill and drill features. It gives the child feedback on what they got correct and incorrect. It also shows the student the correct answers on the ones they missed. The child can progress to the next level when they have accomplished the present level. Use the boxes on the left to choose a topic or grade level.

A+ Math - This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.
Visit the game room and play exciting games like Matho and Hidden Picture...Test your math skills with the Flashcards! Try out the Math Word Find puzzle.
Create and print your own set of flashcards online using the Flashcard Creator! See the Worksheets section, where you can print worksheets to practice offline. Try the Homework Helper to check your homework solutions.


Science NetLinks - This website provides a wealth of resources for K-12 science educators. It is a guide to meaningful standards-based Internet experiences for students. Use the Lessons, Tools, and Resources buttons at the top. They all lead to great things!

Science Clips - This site is divided into age groups. It contains many "hands-on" science activities. Many activities include a quiz with immediate feedback. To see all science activities, use the drop-down menu near the bottom of the page.

Social Studies

History and the OGT - A team of teachers and curriculum supervisors brings you these resources to use with students who have difficulty with the history portion of the OGT. There are five types of resources: Vocabulary Building, Over-Arching Historical Questions, Historical Music Collection, Writing for Success, and Primary and Secondary Sources.

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