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Nova’s site - This site has many great links. "Sharkmasters" leads to a section called "Exploding Myths"; and "World of Sharks" leads to "Who's Who of Sharks", "Clickable Shark" and other good informational pages. There is also a Nova Teachers' section for Shark Attack which includes Classroom Activities and Interactive for Students links.

Sharks of Hawaii - The link "Common Inshore Species" will take you to a brief description of eight different species of sharks that are found in the coastal waters of Hawaii.

Introduction to Sharks - This site is part of the Ocean of Know (a not-for-profit educational initiative with the children from New York City). It includes pages on shark anatomy, shark senses, experiments, and lesson plans.

National Geographic - Shark Surfari (for kids) - an online quiz - after they take the quiz, students can print a certificate.

Shark Anatomy - click on a red dot on the picture and it gives you the name of the part and a brief definition

Seaworld’s site - very well organized with much information. It also has a link to the shark anatomy site above (Take a Shark Anatomy Tour).

One page “Fast Facts” about several different species of sharks. Click on the one you want to learn about.

Biology of a shark - The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation's site shows external and internal parts of the shark.

How Sharks Work - From the "howstuffworks" website. Includes Shark Anatomy, Shark Senses, Shark Teeth, Daily Life of a Shark, Threats to Sharks, and more.

All About Sharks - This is a very informative, easy to read shark site from Enchanted Learning. Go almost to the bottom of the page to see a list of Information Sheets to learn about different types of sharks.

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