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Teacher Requests
Teacher's often request that I find interesting and educational websites to enrich a topic they are using as part of their curriculum. The topics on this page have hotlists created for them. A hotlist, sometimes called a curriculum page, is a list of appropriate websites on a specified topic. I have listed the grade that requested the list. However, many of the sites are appropriate for a variety of levels.

African Americans - 8th grade
American Folk Music
American Women - 8th grade
Animals - 3rd grade
Australia -1st grade
Bears (This is much more than a list of sites. It is a unit which includes several assignments about bears.) - 5th grade
Biomes - High School
Careers - High School
Christmas Around the World - 5th grade
Constellations -3rd grade
Dinosaurs - 2nd grade
Election 2004
Fairy Tales - 3rd grade
Famous People for Mrs. Reay
Famous People - 2nd grade
Habitats - 2nd grade
Iditarod - 2nd/3rd
Inventions and Inventors - 4th grade
Math Practice - Money, Place Value, Odd and Even
Moon Phases
Native Americans - 3rd grade
Ocean Creatures - 2nd grade
Ordered Pairs - 5th grade
Oregon Trail - grades 6-8
Penguins - 2nd/3rd
Pets - 4th grade
Phonics (Letter recognition, letter matching, alphabetical order, and letter sounds) - Kindergarten
Plants - 4th grade
Rainforest - 4th grade
Research Topics - 8th grade
Sharks - 5th grade
Simple Machines - grades 4-9
Trickster Tales - 8th grade
Vesuvius - 6th grade
Weather - 4th grade
Wright Brothers - 6th grade
Yellowstone Wolves - 5th grade