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Rainforest - This Blue Planet Biomes site explains the climate, location, plants, animals, and more about the different world habitates. This is the Rainforest section. To view different biomes, click the World Biomes button at the bottom of the page.

Enchanted Learning - Biomes - This page gives an overview of the different habitats of the world. Click on the name of the particular habitat to find out more and discover which plants and animals live there.

Rainforest Alliance - These pages provide both kids and teachers with the information they need to understand fundamental environmental issues in order to help protect our planet. The Kids link leads to a coloring book, online rainforest stories, fascinating animal facts and easy ways you can help protect our earth. The Teachers link goes to a page filled with free curricula containing presentations, stories and lesson plans that follow national standards for learning. Here, teachers will find everything they need to connect their students to conservation. The Curriculum page connects to lessons and resources for grades Kindergarten - Eighth Grade.

Amazon Interactive - Learn about the Amazon through interactive games and questions.

BrainPOP - Watch the short video and take an interactive quiz. You need to have a subscription to see this video.

Children's Tropical Forests - Investigate the "Maps" and "Facts" links.'s site - The Rainforest: People, Animals, and Facts - If you explore this site, you will find references to the Bible and the Creator on many pages.

Cleveland Zoo Rainforest Virtual Tour

Gander's Acedemy's Tropical Rainforest Theme (as featured in Classroom Connect, Oct. 2000) - Includes student activity sheets (printable), online lessons, and main theme pages.

Passport to the Rainforest - Under the Geosystem link you will find information on climate, types of rainforests, structure, and characteristics. Explore the Ecosystem link to find more about plants, animals, and insects.

Photo Journey Through a Costa Rican Rainforest - Come along on this journey through the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica!

Rainforest map to print out and color

Rainforest Topics - Read more about the types of rainforests, and the tropical plants and animals that live there.

Zoom Rainforests from Enchanted Learning - Explore the links on the left of the page. This site includes a puzzle and several quizzes.

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