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Interactive Activities for Students:

Dinosphere - from The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Three levels to choose from and two or three activities on each level.

Beasts Playground - You will find a selection of games from the grown-ups Walking With Beasts website. Click on the pictures on the left to access the five different games. They include Skeleton Jigsaws, Colour and Camouflage, Burying Bodies, Making Fossils, and Footprints Game.

Enchanted Learning - Zoom Dinosaurs - This site has much to explore!

Dinosaur Planet - Interactively explore 20 dinosaurs and other Cretaceous creatures.

Build-A-Dinosaur from Scholastic - put parts together to create dinosaur.

Dinosaur Memory Game

Dinosaur Gallery - Click on one of the pictures to learn more.

Real or Make Believe - an interactive game from Scholastic.

DinoMite Days - from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Play the three activities under the Games category.


For teachers:

Dinosaurs Theme Printables - Here you will find many various worksheets with dionsaurs as the theme.

Download-a-Dinosaur - Designs for easy-to-make paper dinosaurs that you can download from this site and print out on your printer. All that is needed is scissors and glue.

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